About me

Energiverkstedet  org nr 977 379 857  was founded in April 1997, and have had the present location in Kongsgaten 44, 4005 Stavanger since 2000.

I, Connie Hvidberg Norup born 1956 arrived in  Stavanger in 1985 via Copenhagen.
Together with my former husband we inaugurated the first  Yoga Center in town,
which flourised from day one! 2 sons born in 1986 and 1990 have enriched and coloured my life beyond understanding!
Earlier in my life from 1975 – 1985 before studying yoga, I was enrolled in the University of Copenhagen for Chinese studies. 4 of those years were spent in Beijing, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as working as an international tour escort into mainland China.

Oppholdskart Beijing 1979

Residency card Beijing 1979

Seung Ju Kun monastery sept 1982 p2

Picture from Seung Ju Kun Monestary in South Kora 1983

The inspiration from the far east, and a lot of traveling, amongst others hitchiking to Tibet in 1982,  took my interest away from academic studies and turned it into more spiritual disciplines like  Yoga, Meditation and personal development and growth.

The human and existential meetings and experiences while traveling into ashrams and  tempels in Korea, Sweden, India , Us  marked me tremendously and planted  seeds for deepening studies of the psyche and soul.
With Stavanger as a basecamp since 1985 have i entered deep into inner processes with guidance from teachers and masters in different therapuetic and spiritual traditions.

Since 1988 Iyengar Yoga has been my cornerstone  within the yoga tradions.

Iyengar+cn, des08

Picture from B.K.S: Iyengars 90 year birthday dec 2008

From 1993 i got interested in body psychotherapy       like  Bioenergy, Core-energy, Energy work, Theraputic Touch, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Shamanic training and not the least  Familiy Constellations.
After 1998 a change  happened and I began the studies of consciousness, where  the modern wisdom tradition of Diamond Approach  has been my path since  2004.

Kari Aasberg

Yoga report in Rogalands Avis 2007