More acupuncture 6. – 10.november

Mercedes november in Stavanger,

6.- 10.november


Pain syndromes; headaches, arthritis, back pain. Emotional disorders; depression, insomnia. Allergies.

Digestive problems. Others.


First consultation:

(aprox. 45 minutes) Nkr 650,

Following sessions: (aprox. 1/2 hour ) Nkr 350.

The sessions will be conducted in english or spanish.

Acupuncture, Homeopathy in Stavanger

Dr. Mercedes Duque is a Venezuelan renowned doctor, an experienced, effective healer, specializing in acupuncture and homeopathy.

Dr. Duque was one of the first western physicians to go to China (1976) to study at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Beijing.

She completed her masters in acupuncture and homeopathy at the University of Bobigny, France and the University of Complementary Medicine in Sri Lanka.

Due to the success in her visit, just a couple of weeks ago, she has been asked by some of her patients to come back to Stavanger to continue their treatment.

Dr. Duque will be in the city from 6th to 10th of November and should be pleased to attend to your health needs.

To arrange appointments,

please send an email to: or give us a call.

Kongsgt 44, 4005 Stavanger tlf51 52 88 24 – 900 78 466

When ill, heal !